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The Top 4 Shoes to C-walk in

The Top 4 Shoes to C-walk in:
Alright! Let’s start the list off at number four:
Ranking in at number four for the top four C-walk Shoes is: All Stars. These Converse high tops are known for (in the C-walk Community) their use by old school walkers. The shoe was a popular find on OG Crip walkers (still can be seen in many videos by people who do the Original Crip Walk). Still today you see many Clown and C-walkers using this shoe.


The number 3 spot is held by a brand of shoes rather than a specific one; Adidas. This brand is one of the most common shoe brand to Crip walk in. Popular styles include: Gazelles, which came in many cool styles including blue suede. A few other honorable mentions are: Sambas (the indoor soccer shoe), Super Stars (another one of the top Adidas C-walk Shoes), and Good year. The List continues on…

The shoe that came in second place is one I don’t really agree on, but from an anonymous internet poll our users selected Air Force Ones as one of the top cwalk shoes.

Finally, the number one shoe to c-walk in is: Nike Cortez. The shoe is valued from 40 dollars (basic) to 120 dollars (custom or limited edition). The shoe is the most common shoe that C-walkers use and has been voted the easiest shoe to C-walk in by Dance Origin Staff and members.

Background on the Nike Cortez: According to a Coach by the name of “Bill Bowerman” wanted to make a better running shoe. He ended up taking a pair of flip flops and drafted then into shoes (running shoes). The Hybrid shoe was dubbed the Cortez and was noted for changing running in 1973; people made claims saying “it felt like running on the moon”.

Picture Credit:
Air Force Ones
Cortez, Adidas,All Stars

The Top 50 Songs To Cwalk To

The Top 50 Songs to Cwalk to

1. Xzibit – Get your Walk On
2. Xzibit – Multiply
3. J-kwon – hood hop
4. 2Pac – Loyal to The Game
5. Westside connection – gangsta nation
6. Tonedeff -Heads Up
7. Xzibit – Alkoholik
8. Mase – Breathe, Stretch, Shake
9. 2pac – Still Ballin
10. Cunninlynguists – 616 Rewind
11. Nas – Doo Rags
12. J-Kwon – You and Me
13. Dr. Dre – Keep Ya Heads Ringing
14. Ludacris – Me and my Crew
15. Mase & Mya – All I Ever Wanted
16. Twista – Drinks
17. Cunninlynguists – Half Animal Half Man
18. 2Pac – Out On Bail
19. Notorious BIG – Juicy
20. Gucci Mane – That’s All
21. Immortal Technique – The Point of No Return
22. Extended Famm – Good Combination
23. The Roots – Don’t Say Nothing
24. Outerspace ft. Celph titled – the revolution
25. Demigodz – Empire Strikes Back
26. Ludacris- Welcome to Atlanta
27. Outkast – Ms Jackson
28. Ciara ft. Ludacris – ohh
29. Zion I – The Bay
30. The Roots & Talib Kweli – Rolling With Heat
31. Outkast – The Whole World
32. Young Gunz – No Half Stepping
33. DMX – Dogs Out
34. Nas – Got Yourself a Gun
35. Luniz – I Got Five on It
36. Mac Dre – Get Stupid
37. Fugies ft. Nas – if I ruled the world
38. Styles P ft Akon – Locked Up
39. KnocTurnal ft Snoop Dogg – The Way I Am Remix
40. Some Cut- trillvile
41. Fort Minor – Where’d you go
42. Baby Bash Feat. Villarea – Shorty Doowop
43. 50 Cent – Just A Little Bit
44. Snoop dog – drop it like it’s hot
45. T.I – King of the South
46. Craig Mack – Return of the Mack
47. Fantasia Barrino – Truth is
48. Snoop Doggy Dogg – Gin and Juice
49. Notorious BIG & Mase – Only You
50. Fat Joe – *uck 50

How to Cwalk: The Shuffle

How to C-Walk
The Basics:

The Shuffle:

NOTE: In this tutorial “ | ” = one of your feet.

First, start off standing on your toes. Then Jump/Slide one foot back and one foot forward. Your back foot should be where your front foots heel is looking something like this:
Front foot___ | (1)
Back foot_____ | (2)
or the other way depending which foot you started on.

Now you jump/slide again this time so your back foot (2) is in the position of the front foot (1) and your front foot (1) should be in the position that your back foot was in (2)
Looking something like:
_______________________ | ________Then jump to____ |
___________________________ | ________________ |

Basically you just swap the positions of your feet then keep repeating this and you’re doing the shuffle. (example):
_ | _____ TO _______ | ___ TO ____ | _____ TO _______ |
___ | ____________ | _______________ | ___________ |

Tips: Keep your feet low to the ground when doing this, to make the move look like you’re sliding/gliding.

How to Cwalk: The V-move


How to C-Walk
The Basics:
The V-Move:

Step 1:
Start out with both feet flat on the ground:

Step 2:
Now pick up one foot’s heel and the other foot’s toes (if you want to move right pick up your left foot’s heel and your right foot’s toes, do the opposite to move left)
Now move the heel inward while moving the toes outward (at the same time)

Your feet should now look like this (toes pointing out):

Step 3:
Now with the same foot that you picked up the heel with, pick its toes up.
At the same time you should be picking up the opposite foot’s toes.
Now move the heel outward and the toes in ward.

Your feet should now look like this (toes pointing in):

Step 4:
Repeat steps 2-3

You now know how to shuffle.