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Belly Dance Music

Looking for some good belly dance music? Here is a list of 3 albums that all belly dancers should own.

1. 10 Songs Every Bellydancer Should Know

This CD introduces a new belly dancer to the different rhythms used in the music. This album contains songs that most beginners can picture themselves dancing to. However, don’t think this is ONLY the type of music -so much more out there.

2. Tantra Lounge 4

Imagine if east and the west had a child together and that child embodied all that is great from both cultures. Now imagine that love child compiled an album. This would be that album. Enjoy.

3. Sadie Presents 15 Ultimate Belly Dance Hits

Sadie’s Ultimate Belly Dance Hits is the premier collection of sultry to upbeat traditional and modern belly dance music favorites. Encompassing many styles, you can enjoy Egyptian classics, modern raks sharqi, DJ remixes, drum solos, beledi, and sensual music for veil and floorwork. Recognized as one of the world’s most famous and respected belly dance artist, Sadie is a groundbreaking performer, instructor and choreographer. This exclusive selection of music is handpicked by Sadie from her line of best-selling instructional belly dance videos.

Now we know there are other albums out there that are awesome, sadly we don’t have the time to list them. Feel free to post a comment with your favorite songs or albums to belly dance to below!