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Hoop Dance Basics (Keeping the hoop off the ground).

Hoop Dance Basics (Keeping the hoop off the ground).
Step 1

Make sure to stretch properly to avoid any injuries.

Step 2

Second, after you’re done stretching, step inside of the hoop. Next place your feet shoulder width apart and while standing in this positing place a foot in front of the other (partially) and keep your mind, back, and balance straight. While staying relaxed move onto step three.

Step 3

Hold your hoop horizontally, with its opening in front of you (the “left over space”) so that your hoop is touching your back. Now with great concentration give the hoop a spin around your waist (basic hula hoop skills). The spin can be directed in any direction. While spinning you should remember that you’re not trying to move your hips in a circle motion, but instead rocking your pelvis in a back and forth motion (keeping the hoops momentum and centrifugal motion).

Example: if your hooping counter clockwise, you should feel most of the pressure from the hoop rolling around your mid section (torso) when you’re shifting your pelvis/hips forward rolling it over your left hip. The same goes for when your shifting back and it rolls over your lower back on the right (clockwise it’s the exact opposite).
Once you’ve mastered keeping the hoop off the ground move onto step four.

Step 4

Once you have a comfortable feeling with keeping your hoop off the ground (hooping in both directions), try and switch your feet around so the opposite one is in front. Master this as you did with the other foot and move on.

Step 5

Now that you’ve achieved basic hooping skills try to become less stiff and move around a bit. The reason for this is obvious, hoop dancing requires you to dance…. while hooping.

Have fun hooping and make sure to check out our other articles on hoop dancing!

History of the Gangster walk

History of the G-walk
gangster walk
Gangsta-walking (aka g-walking or buck jump) is a street dance that originated in Memphis, Tennessee (evolved version referred to as: Buck(in) ) and despite the name this dance is not restricted to ‘gangstas’.

Although the dance’s origins have appeared to spawn in the late 1970s, its popularity did not grow until the 1980s along side with “Buck” music. The dance has been suspected to be created by a street dancer named “Capital D” – real name Dima Grinevich (although there is a lot of controversy over the original inventor). Another common mistake is the reference of M.C Hammer’s role in the gangsta-walk. Unlike popular belief he did not contribute any style (he did lead to spin off versions however), the only real role he had was in its growth. Due his mainstream music he was able to reach the mass media with this dance. Despite the lack of knowledge on who really created it, most credit for its evolution is given to a Memphis based rap group by the name of G-style. Its said that the group took a lower evolution of the dance and incorporated gliding, funk, bboy, and other styles into it. From here this more complex version of the dance became the link between g-walking and bucking (due to its sync with the new rap craze of buck music).

The g-walk’s growth can not only be credited to the buck style raps growth. The dance’s popularity is also credited to the positive impact it has made on the community of Memphis. The dance is one of the pastimes that unite members of the community and promote safe living. Like krumping, g-walking offers youth a positive way to release energy while at the same time steering them away from violence, drugs, and gangs which flourish in the Memphis area.

Although the original gangsta walk has since faded due to the more popular styles and spin offs it still lives in Memphis and surrounding areas.

Songs To HarlemShake To

This is a compiled list of songs to harlem shake to:

Angie Martinez – Mi Amor
Beanie Siegel – Guess Whos Back
Beenie Siegel – Roc the Mike
Bow Wow – Let me Hold you
Busta Rhymes – As I Come Back
Busta Rhymes Feat. P. Diddy – Pass the Courvoisier
Busta Rhymes – Break Your Neck Busta Rhymes – What It Is
Clipse – Grindin
Cocoa Brovaz – Get Up
N.E.R.D – Lapddance
Fabulous – Young’n (Holla Back)
Fabulous – Right now and later on
Fabulous – Ma Be Easy
Fabulous feat. Nate Dogg – You can’t Deny it
Fat Joe – We Thuggin
Foxy Brown feat. Spragga Benz- Oh Yeah
G Dep – Special Delivery ( This is the best song to shake to!)
G Dep- Let’s Get it
G. Dep – Blastoff
Jadakiss- Knock Yourself Out
Jay Z – I Jus Wanna Luv Ya
Jay Z – Do It Again
Jay Z – Jigga That N*gga
Jay Z – 99 problems
Jay Z – Dirt off your shoulders
JD – Ballin out of Control
Lil Mo – Gangsta
Lil Bow Wow – Take ya Home
Ludacris, LL Cool J, and Keith Murray – Fatty Girl
Master P – Ooohhhwwweee
Memphis Bleek – My Mind Right
Memphis Bleek – We Get Low
Meth and Red – Da Rockwilder
Meth and Red – Y.O.U
Missy Eliot – One Minute Man
Missy Eliot – Lose control
Miss Jade – Feel the Girl
Mobb Deep – Burn
Mobb Deep – shook one
Mr. Cheeks – Lights Camera Action
Noreaga – Grimy
Noreaga – Oh No
P. Diddy & Bad Boy Family – Diddy feat. the Neptunes
P. Diddy – Diddy P Diddy – Blast Off
Phillys Most Wanted – Please Dont Mind
Ray J – Wait A Minute
Ray J – Formal Invite
Royce Da 5’9 – The One 9remix by Neptunes)
Royce da 5’9 – You can’t touch me
Shyne – Bonnie and Shyne
Tha Liks – Best U Can
Tha Liks – Run Wild
T.I – Im Serious
T.I – Rubber band man
Tupac – Still ballin
Usher – I Dont Know

How To Harlem Shake

How To Harlem Shake

Before you shake
Before you shake you must always stretch.
While doing these stretches remember the following:
1) Hold the stretches for a minimum of 30 to 60 seconds.
2) Warm up a bit before and after the stretches
3) Stretching should not be painful!!!!!!

The stretches
The stretches are provided by EliteFit and can be located here:

The 1st shake we will discuss is the: “Shimmy Shake”
1) Start off with both feet together.
2) Next have your arms to your side with palms flat facing the ground
3) Now comes the easy part, you simply shimmy
4) While you are shimmying you must remember to pop a shoulder up in an alterative pattern, *Example: when your right shoulder is up your left should be down, from there you put your right shoulder down and you’re left up.
5) Repeat step 4 in different speeds while flowing with the beat.

The 2nd shake we will discuss is the: “G Dep Shake”
1((Start off with any arm) take your elbow and place it behind your back so that your forearm has its palm sticking out away (from your body). Note: your shoulders should be slightly drawn back
2) Now from there shake your arms bringing your arm that was back up to your side with its palm still faced down.
3) Now you should have both arms on the side
4) repeat step 1 with your other arm
5) Repeat step 2 NOTE: while your doing all of this you should have a light shimmy

For all shakes:
Remember The basics to the shake is to shimmy + have hip movement

How The Harlem Shake Started


How The Harlem Shake Started

The Harlem shake originally called the “albee”, became main stream in 2001 when G Dep featured the Harlem shake in his music video Special delivery which was around the same time the cwalk became popular.
Although the dance came up around 2000 it started a few years back (in 1981) by an alcoholic named Sisqo in Harlem, New York. The man would do the Harlem Shake (Albee) for 50 cents or a beverage, for 50 cents or a dollar he would also be willing to teach you.
Resource: Harlemshake.Info (R.I.P 2005)