How To One Two Step (1,2 Step)

“Let me see you 1, 2, step”, the famous lines from Ciara and Missy Elliot. The 1, 2 Step was released as the album Goodie’s second single in October 2004, it reached the top ten in several countries worldwide and is heavily-inspired by 1980s electro music production. Throughout the lyrics, Ciara gives a description of how the song’s beat should make party-goers want to dance to the music, and it did, as the song took off soon everyone started doing the 1,2 Step.

How to do the 1,2 Step:
The 1,2 Step is one of the funniest hip-hop dance steps to learn, is also happens to be one of the easier dance steps.

To learn to do the 1, 2 step watch this video featuring Queen Ciara: