Hoop Dance Basics (Keeping the hoop off the ground).

Hoop Dance Basics (Keeping the hoop off the ground).
Step 1

Make sure to stretch properly to avoid any injuries.

Step 2

Second, after you’re done stretching, step inside of the hoop. Next place your feet shoulder width apart and while standing in this positing place a foot in front of the other (partially) and keep your mind, back, and balance straight. While staying relaxed move onto step three.

Step 3

Hold your hoop horizontally, with its opening in front of you (the “left over space”) so that your hoop is touching your back. Now with great concentration give the hoop a spin around your waist (basic hula hoop skills). The spin can be directed in any direction. While spinning you should remember that you’re not trying to move your hips in a circle motion, but instead rocking your pelvis in a back and forth motion (keeping the hoops momentum and centrifugal motion).

Example: if your hooping counter clockwise, you should feel most of the pressure from the hoop rolling around your mid section (torso) when you’re shifting your pelvis/hips forward rolling it over your left hip. The same goes for when your shifting back and it rolls over your lower back on the right (clockwise it’s the exact opposite).
Once you’ve mastered keeping the hoop off the ground move onto step four.

Step 4

Once you have a comfortable feeling with keeping your hoop off the ground (hooping in both directions), try and switch your feet around so the opposite one is in front. Master this as you did with the other foot and move on.

Step 5

Now that you’ve achieved basic hooping skills try to become less stiff and move around a bit. The reason for this is obvious, hoop dancing requires you to dance…. while hooping.

Have fun hooping and make sure to check out our other articles on hoop dancing!