History of the Gangster walk

History of the G-walk
gangster walk
Gangsta-walking (aka g-walking or buck jump) is a street dance that originated in Memphis, Tennessee (evolved version referred to as: Buck(in) ) and despite the name this dance is not restricted to ‘gangstas’.

Although the dance’s origins have appeared to spawn in the late 1970s, its popularity did not grow until the 1980s along side with “Buck” music. The dance has been suspected to be created by a street dancer named “Capital D” – real name Dima Grinevich (although there is a lot of controversy over the original inventor). Another common mistake is the reference of M.C Hammer’s role in the gangsta-walk. Unlike popular belief he did not contribute any style (he did lead to spin off versions however), the only real role he had was in its growth. Due his mainstream music he was able to reach the mass media with this dance. Despite the lack of knowledge on who really created it, most credit for its evolution is given to a Memphis based rap group by the name of G-style. Its said that the group took a lower evolution of the dance and incorporated gliding, funk, bboy, and other styles into it. From here this more complex version of the dance became the link between g-walking and bucking (due to its sync with the new rap craze of buck music).

The g-walk’s growth can not only be credited to the buck style raps growth. The dance’s popularity is also credited to the positive impact it has made on the community of Memphis. The dance is one of the pastimes that unite members of the community and promote safe living. Like krumping, g-walking offers youth a positive way to release energy while at the same time steering them away from violence, drugs, and gangs which flourish in the Memphis area.

Although the original gangsta walk has since faded due to the more popular styles and spin offs it still lives in Memphis and surrounding areas.

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