How To Harlem Shake

How To Harlem Shake

Before you shake
Before you shake you must always stretch.
While doing these stretches remember the following:
1) Hold the stretches for a minimum of 30 to 60 seconds.
2) Warm up a bit before and after the stretches
3) Stretching should not be painful!!!!!!

The stretches
The stretches are provided by EliteFit and can be located here:

The 1st shake we will discuss is the: “Shimmy Shake”
1) Start off with both feet together.
2) Next have your arms to your side with palms flat facing the ground
3) Now comes the easy part, you simply shimmy
4) While you are shimmying you must remember to pop a shoulder up in an alterative pattern, *Example: when your right shoulder is up your left should be down, from there you put your right shoulder down and you’re left up.
5) Repeat step 4 in different speeds while flowing with the beat.

The 2nd shake we will discuss is the: “G Dep Shake”
1((Start off with any arm) take your elbow and place it behind your back so that your forearm has its palm sticking out away (from your body). Note: your shoulders should be slightly drawn back
2) Now from there shake your arms bringing your arm that was back up to your side with its palm still faced down.
3) Now you should have both arms on the side
4) repeat step 1 with your other arm
5) Repeat step 2 NOTE: while your doing all of this you should have a light shimmy

For all shakes:
Remember The basics to the shake is to shimmy + have hip movement

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