The Top 4 Shoes to C-walk in

The Top 4 Shoes to C-walk in:
Alright! Let’s start the list off at number four:
Ranking in at number four for the top four C-walk Shoes is: All Stars. These Converse high tops are known for (in the C-walk Community) their use by old school walkers. The shoe was a popular find on OG Crip walkers (still can be seen in many videos by people who do the Original Crip Walk). Still today you see many Clown and C-walkers using this shoe.


The number 3 spot is held by a brand of shoes rather than a specific one; Adidas. This brand is one of the most common shoe brand to Crip walk in. Popular styles include: Gazelles, which came in many cool styles including blue suede. A few other honorable mentions are: Sambas (the indoor soccer shoe), Super Stars (another one of the top Adidas C-walk Shoes), and Good year. The List continues on…

The shoe that came in second place is one I don’t really agree on, but from an anonymous internet poll our users selected Air Force Ones as one of the top cwalk shoes.

Finally, the number one shoe to c-walk in is: Nike Cortez. The shoe is valued from 40 dollars (basic) to 120 dollars (custom or limited edition). The shoe is the most common shoe that C-walkers use and has been voted the easiest shoe to C-walk in by Dance Origin Staff and members.

Background on the Nike Cortez: According to a Coach by the name of “Bill Bowerman” wanted to make a better running shoe. He ended up taking a pair of flip flops and drafted then into shoes (running shoes). The Hybrid shoe was dubbed the Cortez and was noted for changing running in 1973; people made claims saying “it felt like running on the moon”.

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Air Force Ones
Cortez, Adidas,All Stars

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