How to Cwalk: The Shuffle

How to C-Walk
The Basics:

The Shuffle:

NOTE: In this tutorial “ | ” = one of your feet.

First, start off standing on your toes. Then Jump/Slide one foot back and one foot forward. Your back foot should be where your front foots heel is looking something like this:
Front foot___ | (1)
Back foot_____ | (2)
or the other way depending which foot you started on.

Now you jump/slide again this time so your back foot (2) is in the position of the front foot (1) and your front foot (1) should be in the position that your back foot was in (2)
Looking something like:
_______________________ | ________Then jump to____ |
___________________________ | ________________ |

Basically you just swap the positions of your feet then keep repeating this and you’re doing the shuffle. (example):
_ | _____ TO _______ | ___ TO ____ | _____ TO _______ |
___ | ____________ | _______________ | ___________ |

Tips: Keep your feet low to the ground when doing this, to make the move look like you’re sliding/gliding.

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