How to Cwalk: The V-move


How to C-Walk
The Basics:
The V-Move:

Step 1:
Start out with both feet flat on the ground:

Step 2:
Now pick up one foot’s heel and the other foot’s toes (if you want to move right pick up your left foot’s heel and your right foot’s toes, do the opposite to move left)
Now move the heel inward while moving the toes outward (at the same time)

Your feet should now look like this (toes pointing out):

Step 3:
Now with the same foot that you picked up the heel with, pick its toes up.
At the same time you should be picking up the opposite foot’s toes.
Now move the heel outward and the toes in ward.

Your feet should now look like this (toes pointing in):

Step 4:
Repeat steps 2-3

You now know how to shuffle.

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