What is Krumping?

What is Krumping?

What is Krumping? K.R.U.M.P (Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise) is a dance style with Christian roots/background. It also has connections / links to other dance styles like clowning and bucking.
Krumping usually involves what looks to be physical contact between the dancers. From non participants it can sometimes even look like a fight, however the participants in Krumping understand that Krumping is just a way to release feelings like anger in a positive nonviolent way.

Styles of Krump

Various styles of Krumping include:
• Goofy: Pioneered by the krump practitioner “Goofy” himself. It is the least aggressive of the krump styles, usually funny and energetic.
• Beasty: Aggressive, beast-like and powerful. It is similar to bully but more animalistic.
• Grimy: Dirty, mistreating and “wrong”.
• Flashy: Using a lot of foot movement and quick sharp, precise and showy moves.
• Cocky: Stuck up and conceited.
• Jerky
• Bully :Aggressive and powerful
• Tricks: Using a combination of moves
• Fight: Fake fighting.
• Fast: Quick, fast and energetic movements

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