The Popping Dictionary

The Popping Dictionary

Popping (a funk style) refers to the sudden contraction and retraction of muscles.

Tutting: Using your body to create geometric movements and positions mainly with the use of right angles. The main focus of this style is on the hands and arms

Strobing: An illusional style meant to mimic the way movement appears under a strobe light. This is performed by making fast/quick dimestops

Ticking: An illusional style of dance (often confused with Strobing). Ticking involves moving by hitting to the fastest part of the beat

Waving: A funk style dance that gives the illusion of a wave going through your body; the two types of waves are:[/b] arm waves and body waves

Boogaloo: A dance style that consists of various leg rolls, hip rolls, chest rolls, neck rolls, twisto-flexes, necko-flexes, master-flexes, walkouts, struts and angles

Strutting (aka Pimp Walk): A style performed with different arm angles and a series of steps

Puppet: Moving as if you were a puppet being guided by a puppet master

Dime Stopping: A sudden stop of movement without hitting/popping

Spiderman: Moving/jumping your hands around different parts of your torso, like spiders are moving on it

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