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How To Twerk (Twerking)

Note: Twerk at your own risk, we are not liable for any injuries

There are tons of videos of booty twerking online but none that actually break it down. This twerk tutorial was created to solve this.

To start it off I’d like to clear some common misconceptions up.
1. You don’t need a big rear-end in order to twerk (it certainty helps thought).
2. Yes white girls can twerk 😉
3. You don’t need to be grinding against someone to be twerking.

Now let’s get into the actual twerking tutorial!
How to twerk:
There are various parts of twerking, but only two basic parts you need to know in order to twerk.

1. Popping your butt:
To do this, simply start with your back arched so your butt is sticking out. Now move your butt forward (try not to move your back) once you move a bit, pop it back out.

2. Control your butt with your thighs.
This is the most important part of twerking; it’s also the hardest to describe which is why you rarely see actual tutorials on twerking.
By vibrating your thighs your butt will also vibrate (this is where a big butt comes in helpful, but not needed). Moving your thighs in different ways also makes your booty move in different ways. The best way to get what I’m talking about is by watching the video below by the twerk team:

While watching this video pay attention to their lower half and how they jump, use their heels, legs and thighs to control their booty. Try to replicate different motions with your thighs based on this video and you should have twerking down in no time.
Other “twerking terms”: Jersey turnpike, booty shake, jerking.